[Childrens work]

This is one of the films we made and is called 'The Guardian's Choice'. I hope you enjoy it!!!

We are involved in FIS which is a 3 year project whereby at the end of every year we produce a film. The children learn the process of making a film.......writing a script,storyboarding, how to use a camera, direct and act. The teachers involved are Sinead Gillespie and Aine O'Loughlin.There are 2 different groups involved. This year Sinead Gillespie's group were from 5th and 6th and their film was called 'Family Affair'. Aine O'Loughlin's group were from 2nd, 3rd and 4th and they made the film 'The Magical Journey'.We got the opportunity to go to view our films on 14th June in the cinema. We had a great time and was all the better seing it on the big screen. 'The Magical Journey' won the regional stage and now goes through to the Helix in Dublin for the National FIS FilmAwards in October. We are all very excited!!!!!The children from Junior to 6th got a chance to see the films in the hall on 21st June. All the children really enjoyed making the films.

School children watch 'The Magical Journey'
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Children visit the cinema to view the film
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